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We offer a full refund for months where our improvements do not succeed.

Starter Beast

Relax knowing that your website is improving every month.

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or £699 a year

  • Free onboarding strategy session
  • Improvements to one URL at a time
  • Detailed monthly success reports


Continuously test improvements to your website, one page at a time.

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or £1499 a year

  • Free onboarding strategy session
  • Ongoing improvements to one page or element of your site
  • Detailed monthly success reports


Kick it up a notch with improvements to 3 pages simultaneously

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or £2,999 a year

  • Free onboarding strategy session
  • Improvements to 3 pages or elements of your site simultaneously
  • Detailed monthly success reports
  • Hosting
  • Monthly optimisation consult

Agency Beast

Discounted rates for agencies with multiple client websites.

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  • Custom package for agency clients with multiple websites
  • We'll act as your outsourced internet marketing department
  • Tailored offering based around your requirements
  • Customer Surveys
  • All-you-can-eat maintenance
  • We can work directly with your clients
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“Tom and his team have always exceeded our expectations. They are incredibly easy to work with, efficient and innovative, they delivered exactly the new website we wanted.”

Charlotte Harris

Founder, Charlotte Travel

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Pages and blocks

Up to 50/month

Up to 200/month


Team members

Up to 3

Up to 12


Version history


Priority support

Wikis, docs, & notes

50+ starter templates

Version history

Permission groups

Unlimited team members

Custom contract & invoicing

Web, Desktop, iOS, and Android apps

Advanced security controls





Do I need a credit card to sign up?
What will happen each month?
After the initial strategy session am I obliged to go ahead with the service? 
What happens if I am not thrilled to bits after the first month of the service? 
Can I change plans down the track?
What does it mean when you talk about "Improvements to X URL(s) at a time"?
What sort of things constitute "an improvement"? 
Would you completely redesign my website?
What else would be outside the scope of your service?